International Scientific Cooperation Office

Mahdi Hosseinzadeh, PhD

International Affairs Director 
Curriculum vitae


Creating a bridge to connect with foreign experts and researchers is an invaluable task which clearly defines the necessity of establishing an international scientific cooperation office in research institutes. Providing information about the available study and research opportunities in universities and research centers around the world, establishing relations with international organizations, academia and researchers, translation of all the necessary information and data for the various units at the institute, signing mutual cooperation agreements with universities and research centers abroad and … are some of the responsibilities of the international scientific cooperation office.
The international scientific cooperation office connects with other national and international scientific centers and institutes to internationalize SSRII scientific & research communications and to organize all SSRII international relations. The Office has been formed to reach institute's long-term goals such as improving the quantity and quality of scientific research and globalizing scientific communication, and information exchanging with leading research centers worldwide. In addition, explaining the need for scientific research, the development of scientific research centers by investing on experienced specialist in other countries and also using the latest scientific works around the world through regional and international courses, workshops and seminars are amongst main goals which SSRII tries to achieve.
Establishing a connection with intellectuals and experts from abroad is a very important and valuable mission, which clearly shows the importance of the International Affairs division in this institute. Informing people about educational and research opportunities in institutions around the world, making a connection with international organizations, intellectuals and researchers abroad, Translating the necessary information for all of the divisions in the institute, organizing collaboration agreements with universities and research institutes abroad, etc. are part of this division’s duties.

Important Achievements:

•Signing an cooperation agreement with the community of Iranian experts and university professors in Germany (IRASA) and Creating the IRASA Sport Sciences Task force ( mutual between Iran and Germany)
•Signing a research- scientific cooperation agreement with the “sensory- motor interaction center “ of the university of Alburg of Denmark in the field of biomechanics
•Creating a task force made up of physical education experts abroad
•Planning and scheduling short term educational courses of sport events’ management to be held in Florence university, Italy
•Lobbying to formally register the institute as the specialized base for co-operations in the website of “The plan for co-operating with non-resident Iranian experts and scientists” in providing post-Doctorate facilities, studying opportunities and etc…

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